For our publishers

Edisound is a partner of some of the biggest European media groups.

Our publisher partners appreciate our innovative advertising formats, our ability to generate additional revenue and the simplicity of our technical integration.

With coverage of more than 8 out of 10 Internet users per month in France and more than 23 million listens to its partners' audio content, Edisound is one of the most powerful solutions on the market.

Edisound offers a true CMS for publishers, enabling them to manage and develop both their content and their revenues. 

For publishers who do not benefit from native podcasts, Edisound offers a complete suite of tools for converting text formats into audio and video into podcasts. Edisound enables media organisations to optimise their production costs and get the best ROI from their content.

The agnostic positioning of Edisound, whose platform is integrated directly with the largest audio and generalist SSPs, offers the greatest demand to its media partners.

Edisound is a complete suite of products that offers you the best distribution and monetisation in real time.

Real time Platform

Your statistics and ad revenue are available in real time, updated every second for more transparency & control.


Import your content and all its data with a single click using an RSS feed


Optimized for SEO, your podcasts are securely hosted on a European cloud at AWS.

Text conversion

Our Text to Speech technology allows you to convert, monetize, and distribute all of your written articles in audio format.

Video conversion

Import your videos and they are converted into podcasts with a single click. An additional click and they are distributed on listening platforms.


Connected to the largest international sales platforms specialized in audio or general, more than 50 DSPs have access to our advertising inventory.


Manage access with different levels of rights for your teams.


Benefit from exclusive campaigns through the multitude of available formats: Preroll, Sponsoring, Host Read, Branded Podcast.


Use your inventories to broadcast your partners' campaigns or your self-promotion campaigns.


Reserve listening for authenticated listeners, either logged in or subscribed.

Transparent margins

Our margins are transparent and leverage the maximum value from every impression.

Server to server compatible

We support direct integrations, Google Tag Manager or Header Bidding integrations (client side and server side).

One spot, many formats, maximum monetization

On average, we saw 30% uplift on Ecpm and revenues from publishers working with us for their native placement monetization.