For our advertisers

More than 500 advertisers have adopted the Edisound platform.

Technology, innovation and campaign performance are the 3 reasons why our customers trust us and remain loyal to us.

These different elements combined enable us to achieve some of the best performance and branding results on the market, whether for preroll, host read, sponsorship or branded podcast formats.

Branded podcast

As part of a branded content strategy, podcasts offer advertisers the opportunity to forge powerful links with their audiences. It allows them to deliver 100% customised content. Listing them on Apple and Spotify is not enough to get qualified listeners. Edisound guarantees listeners and subscribers to podcasts.

Audio spot

The preroll (midroll or post roll) is the best way to increase the coverage of your campaign among our premium partners' audiences. Placed dynamically, the spot is heard on all the selected podcasts.

Edisound can help you produce your audio spot.


Advertising message written and read by podcasters to a loyal and committed community. A genuine endorsement process, the podcasters position themselves as spokespeople for your brand and take ownership of your message, talking about it in a personal and unique way.

Co-branded episodes

Like an influencer, the podcaster is the voice of your brand. Being a partner on an episode means reaching an existing, committed audience.


With offices in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and London and media partners all over the world, Edisound supports its customers in every part of the world.

Edisound brings together more than 100 of Europe's leading publishers in the fields of Automotive & Sport, Beauty & Health, Business & Finance, Cuisine & Lifestyle, Food, High-Tech & Gaming, Home & Garden, Science & Culture, TV & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism.

Every day, millions of listeners find inspiration, discover new solutions, deepen their knowledge and explore new horizons thanks to the voices of our partners.

Every month, Edisound generates over 23 million affinity listens (IAB international certification). Find out how you can get involved.

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