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Who does Edisound help ? #advertisers #publishers

Edisound works with two main categories. 

Publishers, mainly media sites, radios and podcasters. 

And advertisers, their media agencies and podcast production studios. 

What are the benefits of Edisound ? #advertisers #publishers

Edisound promotes your audio content to millions of potential listeners while giving listeners an option to listen and / or subscribe to your branded podcast. 

Are you a hosting platform ? #advertiser #publisher

The Edisound platform offers certain hosting features but that is not its core business. Edisound is complementary to hosting platforms. As part of your listening acquisition campaigns, the listens generated on our network of partner sites are consolidated within the dashboard of your hosting platform in terms of source statistics. 

What formats can be broadcast on your network? #advertiser

Edisound allows advertisers to broadcast all digital audio formats: 

1/ programmatic advertising formats including preroll & host read on a CPM basis as well as 2/ tailor-made formats such as sponsorship or brand podcast/brand podcast content on a performance-based model 

How many countries are you present in? #advertiser

Edisound has offices in Paris and London. With media partnerships in major International markets, Edisound enables advertisers to target audiences worldwide.

How many people do you reach? #advertiser

In France, for example, more than 8 out of 10 Internet users are exposed to our player at least once a month. Edisound allows brands to target hundreds of millions of people globally.

Do audiences really listen to podcasts on media sites ? #advertiser

Yes because the open web is a very powerful audience hub that complements the platforms. Millions of Internet users discover and listen to podcasts every day as a result of their promotion in editorial contexts. The edisound algorithm distributes the right podcast to the right person at the right time in the right place to maximize audience engagement with your podcast. 

How many contextual categories does Edisound offer ? #advertiser

With more than a hundred premium partner media sites, Edisound offers 15 contextually relevant network categories: Auto & Sport, Beauty & Health, Business, Cooking, Entertainment, Women, HighTech & Gaming, Luxury, Home & Garden, Science & Culture. 

What targeting can I have in my campaigns? #advertiser

Edisound offers a wide variety of targeting: contextual, geographic, publisher/domain, manufacturers, platforms, operators, OS, keyword, retargeting, time, days, etc. 

How long should my campaign be? #advertiser

Our clients' campaigns last on average between 1 to 3 weeks. After testing the effectiveness of Edisound, +78% of our clients renew their campaign on always on mode. 

What type of visual and text works best? #advertiser

Thanks to our AB Test functionality, Edisound allows the import of multiple images and texts for a single episode. So by testing different creative scenarios, our clients benefit from quantified data to help them identify the most effective combinations. In addition, our consultants give you access to sector benchmarks to help you position yourself against your competitors. 


What are the different KPIs that are available to us? #advertiser

 For good performance analysis, Edisound provides all key indicators from number of impressions, clicks, click rate (CTR) & plays to average listening time, total listening time, completion rate (LTR). ) & budget. Plus a large number of filters including: by time period, geography, device, systems, browsers, campaigns, line items, episodes and more.

What qualifies as a ‘listen’? #advertiser

Edisound offers all the market completion standards from 1, 3, & 10 to 30 and 60 seconds of guaranteed listening time. Edisound is IAB Tech Lab certified.

How many prerolls before a podcast? #advertiser

Edisound offers brands exclusive share of voice prior to the editorial podcast content. Whether in preroll, hostread or branded podcast, the brand is the only one heard by the user. 

What is a native podcast ? #advertiser

A podcast is audio content that can be downloaded or listened to in streaming, on your smartphone or on an application. This concerns replays of radio programs but there are also "native" podcasts, i.e. created and broadcast only on the web. There are four main format types: Nonfiction narrative podcasts, Interview and/or conversational podcasts, Hybrid podcasts (Host + guest contributors) & Scripted fiction podcasts 

Are audio ads (preroll) clickable? #advertiser

Edisound allows you to couple audio ads with a display format in the form of a companion banner. These banners are clickable and allow redirection to the URL of the advertiser's choice. 

Who is responsible for producing audio formats ? #advertiser

Edisound clients generally provide the creative elements whether it is an audio ad or a branded podcast. We also support certain brands in production with our network of partner studios. 

Who is responsible for creating the account and monitoring the campaigns? #advertiser

Edisound manages the entire process. Our partner brands, agencies and studios benefit from access to our platform to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time. 

How do you Guarantee that I will get the number of listens I’m paying for as part of my media campaign? #advertiser

The broadcast context and the purchasing model allow us to guarantee plays.

1/ We collaborate with many premium publishers, leaders in their content categories with powerful audiences. This allows us to distribute your podcast within relevant articles that our partners' audiences engage with on a daily basis. 

2/ The performance purchasing model offered by Edisound, cost per listen (CPE), guarantees a very efficient and ROI-based purchasing model. 

What markets does my podcast, preroll or hostread listens in ? #advertiser

Edisound is partner with media websites in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany UK and US markets. The content promotion is geo-targeted to focus your listens on the relevant market. 

Do all of the podcast listens show up in my podcast hosting platform ? #advertiser

We import your podcasts using the RSS feed from any hosting platform. The listens of your episodes from our partners show in your podcast hosting platform with the exact website referer. 

if a podcast listener “subscribes” to my podcast, do those subscribers show up in my numbers on Apple, Spotify or other major podcast platforms ? #advertiser

Your Edisound subscribers are not connected to outside platforms such as Apple or Spotify. 

When a listener “subscribes” to my podcast what data do you collect and do we get access to that information ? #advertiser

We do not collect and are not able to share the specific names, contact details of your subscribers but you will have the ability to engage with them through push notifications about your show for as long as you continue to be on our platform. 

How do I re-engage those that “subscribed” to my podcast? #advertiser

Our platform optimizes subscriber notifications based on what episodes they’ve already listened to and the rate of new episodes you release. You do not have to manually re-engage your subscribers. Edisound also and specifically offers a subscriber acquisition solution.

How are we able to attribute that the episode listens were a result of the Edisound campaign? #advertiser

Episode listens from Edisound will appear in two complementary ways in your hosting platform. 1/ Via referrals from Edisound partner sites and 2/ in the native browsing environment of the mobile phone, tablet or desktop. These listeners will typically appear on many different user agents, the most likely being Chrome, Safari, Apple user agent, Firefox, and other browsers. 

How do I know my content won’t run next to objectionable/offensive content ? #advertiser

First of all, we work only with premium publishers with whom we have long-term and exclusive contracts in place. We also have blocklists in place that prevent our campaigns from displaying on publications with offensive or illegal content. 

What is the timing for my campaign to get up and running once I submit creatives? #advertiser

Once you submit your campaign into our approval process, our team can updload the campaign within 24 hours. 

Should I change my creative each month of my program or is it better to keep it consistent and essentially the same month to month ? #advertiser

We recommend refreshing your creative when your podcast changes enough to warrant an updated campaign 

As a publisher, if I already work with a hosting platform, can I work with Edisound ? #publisher

Yes, Edisound is completely complementary and compatible with all hosting platforms. 

Is Edisound another hosting platform? #publisher

No, Edisound is a complement to a publisher’s hosting platforms providing the publisher with audio & podcast formats that are specifically designed to increase audience and audio revenues on the publisher’s O&O domains, turning website users into listens, monetisable inventory & revenues. 

How do I embed Edisound players in my websites ? #publisher

Player embed codes are created within the Edisound platform with a few clicks then copy & pasted by the publisher within the body of the articles in their CMS. 

What players formats does Edisound offer? #publisher

Edisound offers multiple podcast player formats including an InRead player (within the body of the editorial article) and a Sidebar player (in the right hand rail of the page) or domain pages for the captive podcast audiences. These are either IAB formats or custom formats. In all cases, our players are responsive and asynchronous 

Can Edisound create a dedicated podcast section for my websites? #publisher

Yes, Edisound can create a customised podcast page or section on the publishers’ websites where users can immerse themselves in the publsiher’s editorial podcast episodes all in one place. 

How does the Edisound player impact page load ? #publisher

The Edisound’s audio player is super light with negligible page impact with significantly less weight than video. For several years, many top-tier publishers have used Edisound technology without it having an impact on their performance. 

How do Edisound units affect other units on the page? How is revenue impacted? #publisher

Audio is perfectly complementary to other Display or Video formats. Deploying the Edisound player will enable the publsiher to tap into a new revenue stream. Audio is the fastest growing ad format and advertising buyers are seeking differentiated and contextually targeted audio inventory on well-known premium publisher websites to complement campaigns running on digital radio & music streaming platforms. 

Does Edisound offer Text-to-Speech? #publisher

Yes, Edisound offers a Text-to-Speech player that sits on the top of the article and uses Amazon Polly AI to convert text articles into voice read articles whcih increases user accessibility as well as monetisable audio inventory.  

Must the player be hardcoded or can it be adserved using tag manager? #publisher

Edisound offers flexible implementation methods including hardcoding which is recommended for best performance, as well as player adserving via tag manager 

Can I use another player on my website if I use Edisound? #publisher

The click to play activation of the player makes Edisound player compatible with any other player audio but also video.

What is Edisound’s commercial model? #publisher

Edisound work mainly on a revenue share basis with Edisound bringing strong revenues and ROI to publisher via programmatic pre-roll and relevant branded podcast campaigns. 

Can I customize the look of the player? #publisher

Yes the players are fully custoimisable in terms of colours & fonts native to your website design 

How monetisation works between Edisound and the publisher ? #publisher

The publisher has priority to deliver it’s own campaigns and Edisound complements publisher sales by monetizing the publishers’ inventory with complementary ad campaigns based on contextual categories or run of network. within different formats. We market inventories through different preroll, branded podcast or hostread formats. And different CPM and CPE economic models. This mix of formats and economic models allows our partners to optimize their fill rate and thus improve their income. 

Does the Edisound player use personal data? #publisher

No, Edisound do not use any personal data to target campaigns. Edisound is GDPR and CCPA compliant 

How does Edisound monetise the inventory generated within the player ? #publisher

Edisound brings strong fill rates, yield and revenues to the inventory generated within the players from a number of different sources, which include: CPM-based direct sales to advertisers & agencies, programmatic sales to SSPs, DSPs and ATDs, and CPE-based distribution of branded podcasts from podcast production studios with whom Edisound partners. 


What analytics does Edisound provide? #publisher

Edisound provides all key analytics within it’s proprietary platform including both content & advertising statistics. Statistics include Plays, Listens, Total + Average Listening times & Listen Through Rates as well as Calls, Impressions, Fill rates & revenues by time period, Geo, website, device, series, episode and much more ! 

What are the engagement rates In-article? #publisher

The higher the placement on the page, the higher the engagement rate from users clicking to launch the player. Average listening times are 10-15+ mins in-article on publisher web pages. 

Can I distribute my podcasts to hosting platforms via Edisound? #publisher

Yes, Edisound is a complete CMS for podcast upload, management & distribution. With a few clicks publishers can upload their podcast content to the Edisound platform, curate & publish to their website players and distribute to Apple, Spotify, Amazon & Deezer.  

Can Edisound convert videos into audio files? #publisher

Yes, with a few clicks in the Edisound platform, publishers can upload videos which will be converted into audio files and made available to website users as audio content within the podcast players. For publsihers who do not yet produce podcasts, this can be a great way to test audio on publisher’s websites. 

How much does it cost ? #advertiser

Purchasing models vary depending on the formats. 

- For your advertising preroll, the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) starts at €5 

- For your hostread, the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) starts at €25

- For your branded podcast  

The Cost per Listen (CPE) starts at €0.2 

The Cost per Subscriber (CPA) is €1 

What are the payment deadlines for publisher invoices? #publisher

Our partners are paid 30 days at the end of the month. 


What are the technical specifications for preroll formats ?

Edisound accepts any creative asset with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Note: Long format audio spots are available in some markets for Direct IO. The maximum duration of creative assets accepted for these spots is 60 seconds. With the exception of duration, the normal technical specifications and requirements of this offer are identical to those of a standard audio spot. 

File type :
- Format: MP3, OGG, WAV
- OGG format required for programmatic advertising 

File size :
- 1 MB
- For Private Marketplace and programmatic advertising, the maximum size is 500 MB 

44.1 kHz sampling rate

Audio files with the wrong sample rate may play at the wrong speed. 

192 kbps throughput :
Important for good audio quality. The bit depth is comparable to the resolution of a digital photograph. 

Stereo :
If your ad has music or sound effects, the mono audio will sound distorted. Most music tracks are in stereo, and converting to a mono file will reduce spatialization on the track. Switching to stereo also allows you to place different ad components (music, sound effects, voiceovers) in different parts of the sound field for more engaging audio.

Overall noise level: -16 LUFS
Integrated average sound level of -16 LUFS (approximately -1.5 LUFS) and True Peak limit, or true peak of -2.0 dB TP. This ensures that volume and content are consistent throughout the ad. If people listening feel the need to adjust the volume for an ad, they are more likely to skip through it or feel interrupted. 

Note: The True Peak limit is a ceiling, not a number to necessarily reach. As long as the average integrated sound level is -16 LUFS (approximately -1.5 LUFS) and the True Peak limit is equal to or less than -2.0 dB, the ad meets our technical specifications. 

Programmatic Compliance:
VAST 2.0: All elements within VAST must make secure calls via https; must not contain: JavaScript; VPAID; survey tags/DMP pixels 

What are the technical specifications for branded podcasts?

Edisound accepts any creative asset without time limit. 

Audio file type :
- Format: MP3, OGG, WAV 

Audio file size :
- 150 MB
- For Private Marketplace and programmatic advertising, the maximum size is 500 MB 

Image file size :
Min 1400*1400, max 3000*3000 

Image file type :
*.jpeg and *.jpeg files and webp

Number of characters for title :
40 max 

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