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Edisound combines the strength of media quality, the power of technology and advertising creativity to deliver lasting results.

As marketers, you easily advertise your business to millions of listeners everywhere in the world with all audio formats : preroll, host read, sponsorship and branded podcast.

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Partner testimonials

  • "Edisound is a fundamental component of our media plans to generate listeners for our customers' podcasts.

    At Louie Creative, we systematically integrate it into all our recommendations, as it's a perfectly complementary solution to other levers that focus on engagement.  

    ROI tracking is extremely practical, thanks to the pay-per-listen model and the fact that Edisound-generated listens feed seamlessly back into our hosting platform dashboard. 

    Depending on devices and projects, edisound can account for up to 2/3 of our customers' listening."

    Nathalie Hasson

    Head of partnership - Louie Media

    Nathalie Hasson
  • "Since 2020, Edisound has been helping us convert our web audiences into podcast listens and revenues. Quite simply, we've multiplied our audio revenues by 10! 

    As a true CMS for our editorial teams, the multilingual Edisound platform enables the editing, management, distribution and monetization of our podcast content, user management, SEO optimization of podcast content, KPIS management, reporting and interoperability capability. We also use their tools for converting text to audio and video to podcasts.  

    For our sales teams, Edisound offers a highly successful technology stack that enables us to win new customers and build customer loyalty."

    Jeremy Parola

    Digital Managing Director - Reworld Media

    Jeremy Parola
  • "As a trading desk we are always on the lookout for trusted partners for advertising campaigns. Edisound proved to be the ideal audio partner to achieve our goals. 

    We have been able to maximize the impact of our ads by reaching an engaged and attentive audience allowing us very regularly to approach 100% LTR.

    Their programmatic approach enables optimized delivery and precise targeting, guaranteeing maximum return on our advertising investments.

    I highly recommend Edisound to all advertisers looking to make the most of an advertising space that wasn't originally designed for audio, but which has reinvented itself as a result of growing consumption of this lever. Edisound's expertise and commitment to quality make them a trusted partner in the world of audio and podcasting."

    Axel Gerad

    Consutlant Programmatic - Havas

    Axel Gerad
  • "We decided to use the Edisound solution to promote several Microsoft France podcast sagas, such as "Morning SaaS" and "Antifragilité".

    The results were much better than with the other market solutions we had tried, with an 80% increase in listening volume, and high-quality targeting that enabled us to reach audiences of decision-makers.

    To maximize the impact of our audio sagas, we now work with a monthly promotional budget."

    Victor Lamm

    Content Manager - Microsoft

    Victor Lamm
  • "Our partnership with Edisound has enabled us since 2021 to significantly develop our audiences and revenues from podcasts published on the Journal du Net. We are very pleased to extend this partnership to Journal Des Femmes, L'internaute and Comment ça Marche to further benefit from their technology platform and monetization strength on our digital audio formats."

    Alain Steinman

    Directeur Général - CCM Benchmark, Groupe Figaro

    Alain Steinman


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